Beautiful, functional children's clothing in superfine merino wooland considered fibres. Keeping kids keeping on is our raison d'être.
luvmother Family

For the past five years luvmother has been proudly outfitting your kids (and ours) with super soft merino wool clothing. We’ve filled the void left by more established merino companies by providing a variety of fun, practical designs made with a built in hand-me-down quality.


Our guiding rule has been to try to do it right and avoid compromise in everything we do. At the outset, we committed to using premium materials, fair labour conditions, environmentally friendly packaging and even offsetting our shipping carbon footprint and up-cycling our fabric scraps. It certainly hasn’t been the easy way but the value of these decisions can be seen in the awesome product luvmother created, the new friends we've made and the amazing growth witnessed in a very short time.

Like all great adventures, there is a beginning and an end and unfortunately it is the end of the trail for luvmother as we know it. We will not be producing a collection for the Fall of 2018/19. Several factors played into the decision, namely a global increase in the price of merino wool and the subsequent rise in production and import costs which lead us to the hard choice to quit while we were ahead and keep our core values intact.

Needless to say, this has been rather disheartening news for us to wrap our heads around. We take such pride in what we have built and have thoroughly enjoyed the connections we’ve made with our awesome customers, promoters and retail partners. Not least of all, with other small business owners who continue to inspire and defy the odds.

Luvmother can’t thank you enough for taking a chance and trusting our little brand. We obviously could not have done it without you and for that we are eternally grateful.

All the best to you and your families and hoping that our paths will cross again, somewhere out there!


The full range of luvmother can currently be found online at and selections from the collection are available in store at Les Petits Voyous (Montreal) and Ava's Appletree (Toronto).